Here at the New Bingo Sites website we completely respective every single one of our website visitors right to total and complete privacy when they are visiting our website, and as such you are never going to be requested to supply us with any personal information when visiting our website.

As we are always more than happy to receive feedback, suggestions and general enquiries from any of our website visitors if you do choose to get in touch with us, our contact details can of course be found on the contact us section of the website, we will use the email address you contacted us from only to reply to any questions you may have asked us.

We do not sell or distribute the contact details of any person who has chosen to get in touch with us and we never send out any type of marketing emails. But do be aware that any third party bingo or general websites we name or link to throughout this website will of course have their own privacy policies in place and as such if you do decide to visit any such site then make sure you familiarize yourself with those third party sites privacy policies.

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