How to Pre-Buy Bingo Cards

Bingo CardsWhen you are playing bingo online you may often come across a set of bingo jackpot games that are up and running later on in the day, but for one reason of another you may not be around to get involved in those games.

Fortunately you will not longer have to miss out on having the chance of winning one of the large jackpots that can be won on bingo games running when you are not available to play as many online bingo sites will let you pre-buy bingo cards and bingo tickets for any game they have scheduled.

The idea behind any online bingo site offering their players the ability to pre-buy bingo tickets is that at any time a player chooses to log into the bingo site they will see a bingo schedule detailing every single up and coming game for the day, and the pre-buy system will allow players to buy any number of cards for those game well in advance.

To pre-buy bingo tickets and bingo cards simply log into your chosen online bingo site and then make sure you have enough cash in your account to buy pre-buy your tickets in advance, if you don’t then you will of course have to make a deposit to top your casino account balance up!

But do be aware that some online bingo sites may offer you a reload bingo bonus when you top your bingo account up with a new deposit and some sites will have listed in their terms and conditions that you cannot use their bonuses on high paying jackpot games, so if you are thinking of pre-buying bingo cards for a jackpot game then only accept a bonus on your deposit if you are permitted to play jackpot games with those bonuses!

Once you have enough funds in your real money online bingo account simply look though the bingo schedule for the day, you will find lots of different bingo rooms are on offer at all online bingo sites and each room with have their own respective bingo games on offer with different bingo ticket prices and different jackpots up for grabs.

As soon as you have found a bingo game running later in the day when you are not going to be online take part in that game, simply click on the bingo game and then you will be given the option of pre-buying any amount of bingo tickets for that game, simply select the number of tickets or cards you wish to pre-buy for that game and then once the request has been processed the price of those bingo cards and bingo tickets will be deducted from your bingo account balance!

Be aware that on some online bingo game if you are buying tickets and bingo cards in advance you will only be able to pre-buy a certain amount of them, so always make sure you request a number of tickets to pre-buy that are permitted by the bingo site!

What Happens if I Win?

As soon as you have chosen to pre-buy any amount of bingo tickets or bingo cards you will then be able to log out of the bingo site safe in the knowledge that the software for that site is going to check off each ticket for you and if you win the bingo software will automatically call bingo for you, even though you are no logged into the bingo site!

If you do win when playing bingo having pre bought your bingo tickets then the next time that you choose to log into that bingo site your winnings will be sat waiting for you in your casino account balance!

Due to there being so many different bingo sites online and with some truly massive jackpot game son offer at all of them you really should consider becoming a member at each of our top ten rated online bingo sites, for each of them will allow you to pre-buy tickets and cards for all of their up and coming very high paying bingo games.

In fact we are aware of many players who know log into each bingo site they are a member of just once a day and pre-buy tickets for the high paying jackpot games playing later on in the day at those sites. This is in fact a very well thought out playing strategy and system for whilst those players will only have a small chance of winning the jackpot on any one bingo game they play, by pre-buying tickets and cards for a large number of jackpot bingo games at lots of different bingo sites, they will naturally increase their overall winning chances the more games they do take part in!

As mentioned above do make sure that you are allowed to use any bonus funds in your online or mobile bingo site account on any jackpot paying bingo game you are thinking of taking part in, for some sites will let you use bonus credits on their bingo games whilst some other sites may restrict you in regards to just which of their bingo game you can play with bonus funds and bonus credits.

In fact please spend some time having a look at each of our individual online bingo site reviews, for if you are interested in playing some of the highest paying online bingo jackpot games then each of our listed and approved bingo sites are going to offer you no shortages of very high paying bingo games.

If at any time you have any additional question regarding utilizing the pre-buy option at any of our featured and licensed online and mobile bingo sites then feel free to contact the customer support teams who are available 24 hours a day at each site listed on this website. You will also find informative help and bingo playing guides on the website of each of our showcased sites and you will usually find the answers to any questions you may have here.

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