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PayPalThere are a huge number of ways that you are going to be able to make deposits into any online UK bingo site account that you may have opened, however it is worth noting that there are usually pros and cons for using one banking option over another when playing real money bingo at such sites and you should always be aware of the benefits to be had of using one bingo site banking option over another for when you do you will be able to pick the most cost effective or most convenient method.

We do know that many people in the UK have got a PayPal account and as such if you do have such a web wallet account and are wondering if you can use any funds you have in it to play real money bingo online, then we have some good news for you and that is that many of our featured online bingo sites allows and accept PayPal deposits.

You will find that you will also be able to withdraw any winnings you make when playing bingo online, and as there are likely to be a few questions that you may want the answers to in regards to using PayPal to fund an online UK bingo site account, below we have an overview of the most commonly asked questions and have listed underneath each of the questions the most relevant answers, so keep on reading to find out just how easy it is to deposit into a bingo site using PayPal.

  1. Which bingo sites accept PayPal?We are pleased to announce that a large proportion of our UK licensed and approved online bingo sites are going to allow you to top up and fund your online bingo site account using PayPal, it is worth noting that players living in some other countries of the world will not be allowed to use PayPal to fund their online bingo site accounts, but thanks to the liberal gambling laws in the UK PayPal will let you use their web wallet as a deposit and withdrawal option at a great many online bingo sites.
  2. Will I have to pay any fees using PayPal?If you have funds already in your PayPal account then you are not going to be charged anything to send those funds into an online bingo site, but be aware that if you have to top up your PayPal account you may be charged a small percentage of the deposited funds by PayPal when using a certain deposit option, so always be aware of how much those fees and charges are so you will not have to pay over the odds simply to top up your PayPal account to play bingo online!
  3. Will be winnings be paid back to my PayPal account?You are going to have no problems requesting that any or all of your online bingo site winnings will be paid back to your PayPal account if you choose to play at any of our top rated UK online bingo sites, in fact by choosing to get paid your winnings at many of them you will find your winnings will show up as cleared funds in your PayPal in a couple of hours, and that means you can hit the shops and treat yourself to something nice with those winnings as soon as you want to!
  4. How long do PayPal deposits take?When you choose to make a deposit into your UK licensed online bingo accounts by transferring money from your PayPal account as long as you have cleared funds into that web wallet account those deposits will show up in your bingo site account instantly the very second they have been processed In addition to your deposited funds if you have qualified for any bingo site bonuses by making a PayPal deposit then those bonus funds will show up at the same time as your deposited funds, so you will not have to wait around for them to appear in your account and can start playing bingo and hopefully winning as soon as you want to start playing!
  5. Are PayPal bingo bonuses available?Any time you see a bingo site deposit match type bonus offered at any of our reviewed and top rated bingo sites you are going to be able to claim those bonuses by making a deposit into your account using PayPal, and as such hanks to the sheer size of many of our listed and top rated bingo site bonuses you will always find by claiming them you will be locking in lots of additional playing value and will have lots of additional winning chances thanks to hose bonus funds and bonus credits!
  6. How old do I have to be to play PayPal Bingo online?If you do wish to start playing bingo online in the UK and wish to use PayPal as your preferred depositing option, then do be aware that you will have to be over the age of 18 to be able to do so. All online bingo sites that have been granted a UK Gambling Commission remote bingo licence will be required to make sure you are over the game of 18 so do not be surprised if they contact you after you have signed up at their respective online bingo sites and ask you to send them some copies of your identification documents such as a passport or driving license to prove your age!
  7. How long will my winnings take to reach my PayPal wallet?As soon as you have requested any winning from any of our UK licensed online bingo sites the very second the bingo site processes those winnings they will show up instantly in your PayPal account, it will take a different amount of time to process your winning based on which bingo sites you choose to play at but many of our listed bingo sites process winnings each day so you will never have to wait very long to get paid your winnings back to you PayPal account.

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