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Gala Bingo Clubs have been giving land based bingo site players a very enjoyable and entertaining range of bingo games for many years now, if you are living in a town or city that as a Gala Bingo club nearby then we can heartily recommend those venues to you as you will have a very enjoyable afternoon or evenings bingo playing session at any of them!

However, we do know that not everyone is able to take the time out to visit a land based bingo club, and so does Gala Bingo and this is why they have launched their state of the art online bingo site, which will offer you everything their Bingo Clubs offer but you will never have to leave your own home to play at this site!

Do not think that playing bingo alone from home is not going to be as exciting or as much fun as it is when visiting a Gala Bingo Club, for thanks to lots of unique features found into their bingo site such as the always busy chat room you will be able to chat, gossip and have fun with all of the other player logged into the site if you are looking for some social interaction, however if you just want to get stuck into playing bingo with no distractions you can always turn the chat room feature off!

Gala Bingo Bonuses and Promotions

There are always lots of special and very unique bingo bonuses and promotional offers available at the Gala Bingo site, as a first time depositing player you will of course be able to claim a large instant new player deposit match bonus.

However, once you become a regular player you will find you get access to special cash back bonuses, ongoing deposit match bonuses, free bingo games with real money prizes and on top of all that you will find lots of special prize draws on which some huge amounts of cash can be won by players. If you are wishing to play bingo but want to play at a bingo site that is going to allow your bingo budget to go as far as it can do then Gala Bingo really is the site for you to play at!

Gala Bingo bonuses and promotions can and may change at any time, please therefore checkout their websites for a complete listing of all of the current promotional offers. You will find the terms and conditions of all bingo promotions and bingo bonuses on their website also, and those terms and conditions have been kept to a minimum and offer true bingo playing value!

Frequently Asked Gala Bingo Questions

  1. Who Licenses Gala Bingo?

    Gala Bingo is licensed and fully regulated in the UK and it is therefore the UK Gambling Commission who has awarded them with both their land based and online gambling licenses. This means that unlike many other online bingo sites Gala Bingo does operate to a very strict set of rules and guidelines and you will be guaranteed of the very highest standards whenever you choose to play at their land based club or via their new online or mobile bingo playing platforms!

  2. Does Gala Bingo Have Bingo Clubs in the UK?

    You will not have to travel very far to find a land based Gala Bingo Cub for they have them in many towns and cities across the UK, so if you do fancy a great afternoons or evenings bingo playing then make sure you visit one of their bingo clubs!

  3. Can I Deposit Using PayPal at Gala Bingo?

    You can use lots of different ways to send your money into the Gala Bingo site and you will additionally fin they have many ways for you to be able to cash out your winnings. If you have a PayPal account then you will be interested to learn that Gala Bingo accepts PayPal.

  4. How Can I Pre Buy Bingo Tickets?

    You simply have to log into your Gala Bingo site account and pick any up and coming bingo game you wish to pre buy tickets for and once you do that you will be given the option of just how many tickets you wish to purchase for that bingo game, and then as soon as you have bought them in advance you and log out of the Gala Bingo site safe in the knowledge their software will be checking off your cars during those bingo games and will call bingo for you instantly and automatically if you win any of those bingo games you pre bought tickets for!

  5. What Bingo Slots Can I Play?

    Now if you have ever visited a Gala Bingo Club then you will know they have some very entertaining slot machines available in a specially set aside area of the venue, and the chance to turn a small stake into a large winning payout is of course always on offer. You will find that when logged into the Gala Bingo online site you will find just as many if not more online bingo slot games can be accessed and play and the jackpots on some of these online bingo slots are simply enormous.

  6. What Bingo Games Can I Play at Gala Bingo?

    Playing the types of bingo game that you love playing is not going to be difficult to do when you play at the Gala Bingo site, for their bingo software comes packed with an incredible number of different bingo games. If you have played in one of their land based bingo venues then you will know those bingo clubs offer both 90 ball bingo games and others and if you love playing 90 ball bingo on which there are three cash prizes on offer then you will always find a game about to start.

  7. Where Can I Find the Bingo Schedule?

    You will not have to look for ages to try and find and locate the bingo schedule at Gala Bingo for you can do one of two different things to have instant access to it. You can opt to visit their website where all of the Gal Bingo sites high paying bingo games will be listed along with the starting times of those big paying bingo games or you can simply log into your Gala Bingo account and all of the bingo rooms and bingo games will be listed instantly for you once you have logged into your account.

  8. What Jackpots Can I Win at Gala Bingo?

    The sky really is the limit in regards to what you can win when you take part in the Gala Bingo jackpot games, and as their games are completely random you will never know what day is going to be your lucky day, which is of course why playing bingo is so very exciting! If you do enjoy the thrill of playing big paying jackpot games then make sure you checkout the days bingo jackpot game schedule which you will find displayed on the Gala Bingo website or when you log into your account.

  9. What is the Minimum Age to Join?

    Gala Bingo operates a very strict minimum age limit at both their land based bingo clubs and also at their online bingo site, and to comply with UK gambling laws you will not have access to any of their games if you are under the age of 18. If you attempt to sign up and play if you are under the age of 18 your account will be locked and you will not have access to their games or site so please do not attempt to play if you are under the age of 18 as you will be found out and banned very quickly!

  10. Can I Play Coronation Street Bingo?

    As the Gala Bingo site have been given a licensed to operate a wide range of fully branded bingo game you will find some very entertaining ones on offer, and one game which we do know you will enjoy getting tuck into is Coronation Street Bingo. So if you love Coronation Street and watch it regularly then make sure you give this game some play time as one of those show character may just prove very lucky for you when you do give this very unique and exclusive bingo game a little play time online.

  11. What is Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway Bingo?

    Another very unique and exclusive bingo game that you are only going to come across at the Gala Bingo site is the Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway bingo game. As you know each year the ITV series Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway goes live and a range of prizes are given away to contestants during the show, well this is something that happens when you are playing this unique bingo game at Gala Bingo, so make sure you checkout their bingo playing schedule to find out when it is up and running and live and take part in it as there are some amazing prizes up for grabs!

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