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Bingo HallsThere are lots of land based bingo halls and bingo clubs dotted around the UK and if you are thinking of having a change to of scenery and actually visiting a land based bingo hall as opposed to playing on a mobile device or playing bingo online via your computer then there are something you need to be aware of in regards to selecting a good venue to visit.

Below you will find out hints and tips for finding a first class land based bingo hall at which to visit, as there are so many bingo halls which you can visit, some owned by small companies and plenty of them owned and operated by very large and very well known gaming companies you will often find that it is the case that the size of the jackpots, bingo ticket prizes and a whole host of other facts can differ depending on just which one you choose to visit and play bingo at.

So please spend as much time as is need looking through this land based bingo hall guide for by doing so you will discover what to look out for in regards to what each venue offers you and can then compare those features and benefits below before you actually visit such a site.

As always though, remember that you are much more likely to get a more fully rounded bingo playing experience when you play online or mobile bingo for those sites often offer you much more generous bonuses and promotional offers than any land based bingo club could ever do. However, if you do wish to spend a morning, afternoon or evening playing bingo in a bingo hall near you then keep on reading as we are now going to enlighten you fully on what those bingo halls you do visit should be offering you as a player.

Free Registration – You will have to take some form of identification with you when you visit a land based bingo hall or bingo club in the UK, so do make sure you have some identification with you as you will not be able to register as a new player at such a venue without identification! Also do make sure that the bingo hall or bingo club you are visiting will not charge you simply for becoming a member of that venue as some of them may do!

What you will find is that if you have a membership at one bingo hall If that hall is part of a large chain of bingo halls then by joining up to one of them your membership card will give you access to every other venue they own and operate, so if you are out of town and wish to play bingo you will not usually have to sign up again!

Special Bingo Promotions – As land based bingo halls have a lot of stiff competition from not only other land based bingo halls but from both online and mobile bingo sites you will often find lots of special promotional offers and deals available when you visit such a venue.

The best valued offers and promotional deals are often reserved for the quieter days of the week, so be prepared to visit a bingo hall when they are quieter as you will often find you are showered with lots of special deals and offers to help you get the maximum bingo playing value from those bingo halls!

Bar and Meals – You will find that virtually every single land based bingo hall will have a bar at which you can purchase drinks and they also have meals available, a you are likely to be in a bingo hall for several hours then shop around at which one you visit as some of them have very good valued meal deals on offer!

Out of Session Bingo Games – You will find that before the live bingo games start and during the interval and also after the live bingo games finish several out of session table top type bingo games are going to be played at some land based bingo halls and bingo clubs. You will need a stash of one pound coins to play those games on which a rapid fire range of free bingo games are played. Be aware that not all bingo halls have tabled top bingo games being played and some of them will charge a different amount of those table top cards.

Slot Lounge – As part of the experience you are going to be having whenever you choose to visit a land based bingo club or bingo hall, you will often find that a large range of slot and fruit machines are available at those venues.

Those slot and fruit machines are always in a specially set aside slot lounge so as they will not disturb players playing the live bingo games when they are being played. If you do wish to play those slot and fruit machines then be aware that the payout percentages they will all play out to can and will vary and it is often the case that the slot and fruit machines that have the highest stake options are those on which you will find the very highest payout percentages.

So if you can afford to play those machines then make sure you do as you could win some very sizeable amounts of cash when playing them in such a venue.

Outside Bingo Terminals – If you are a smoker then you are going to find that all bingo halls and bingo clubs in the UK are strictly no smoking venues, and as such you will not be able to light up when inside such a venue.

However, as the smoking in public places ban has had a detrimental effect on land based bingo halls, many of those that are still open and in business will have a set aside outside area where you will be able to enjoy a cigarette, and you will also find a set of outside bingo terminals in those outside smoking zones at many venues where you can smoke and play bingo at the same time!

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