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Bingo CallerShould you be the type of online or mobile bingo player who likes to know everything there is to know about playing bingo in one of these two playing environments, then one aspects to doing so is that every single number called out on any bingo game you are playing either online or on a mobile phone will also have its own bingo number nick name.

As such every single number you see called out will first be mentioned by its nick name via an audio alert and then the actual number will be called out as well as that number being displayed on the bingo game screen.

As you could end up playing 75 ball bingo, 80 ball bingo or even 90 ball bingo then below you will find each and every single number that could be called out listed below and that bingo balls unique nickname will also be displayed alongside that particular number.

Give this section of our website a quick read through, for as you are about to find out the bingo call and bingo ball nicknames used are quite unique, comical and well thought out! As online and mobile bingo sites have something known as an auto dab feature that means you will not have to click on each number or tap on them when using a mobile bingo App to mark them off as they are called out as the bingo software always does that for you, and the bingo software is also going to call bingo for you if you are lucky enough to win!

Bingo Ball Nicknames

It is going to be dependent on just which bingo site you choose to play at in regards to the bingo ball nicknames used as there are often some regional variants. Below we have listed the most commonly used bingo ball nicknames often found in play and in use at the vast majority of bingo sites. Let us begin with the first set which covers the numbers from one to nineteen.

1 – Kelly’s Eye.
2 – One little duck.
3 – Cup of tea.
4 – Knock at the door.
5 – Man alive.
6 – Tom Mix.
7 – Lucky 7.
8 – Garden gate.
9 – Doctor’s Orders.
10 – David’s Den.
11 – Legs Eleven.
12 – Just One dozen.
13 – Unlucky for some.
14 – The Lawnmower.
16 – Never been kissed.
19 – Goodbye Teens.

Let us now move onto the next batch of bingo ball number nick names, these cover the numbers from 21 to 44. Remember that as you are playing bingo online there will never be a need for you to mark off or cross off and dab each individual bingo ball number displayed on any bingo cards or tickets you have in live play as the online or mobile bingo sites software will of course keep track of them for you and mark them off instantly any one single number has been called out. So you will always know where you stand!

21 – Key of the Door.
22 – Two little ducks.
23 – The Lord is My Shepherd.
24 – Knock at the door.
25 – Jump and Jive.
26 – Two and six, half a crown.
27 – Duck and a crutch.
28 – Two and eight, in a state.
30 – Burlington Bertie.
32 – Buckle My Shoe.
33 – All the threes.
35 – Jump and Jive.
36 – Just Three dozen.
39 – Steps.
44 – Droopy drawers.

Next we are going to take a look at the most commonly used bingo ball nick names which cover all of the numbers from 52 to 71. Be aware that one aspects of playing online bingo that you may appreciate is that as soon as you have got one or more tickets only requiring a small number of numbers to be marked off until you have formed a winning pattern, those cards will always be placed to the front of the display on the bingo sites game screen. This will allow all players to instantly be able to see just which tickets may be about to win and obviously what numbers then need to be called out to see those bingo cards and bingo tickets being winning ones!

52 – Danny La Rue.
53 – Here comes Herbie.
54 – Egg and sausage.
55 – Musty Hive.
56 – Shotts Bus.
57 – Heinz Beanz.
59 – The Brighton Line.
60 – Grandma’s getting fisty.
62 – Tickety-boo.
65 – Stop work.
66 – Clickety clicks.
69 – Anyway up.
71 – Bang on the drum.

We will now take a look at the final batch of commonly used bingo ball nick names which covers numbers 72 right through to 90. You will find that when playing bingo online you will have access to 75 ball bingo games, 80 ball bingo games and 90 ball bingo games and each game type you end up choosing to play will have their own unique winning patterns.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the ticket prices on many bingo cards and bingo tickets are going to vary from site to site, In fact most bingo sites will have lots of individual bingo rooms on offer and as such each room you choose to play in will have a set price for those bingo cards and tickets on sale in each of them, you will find some bingo sites will also give you access to completely free of charge bingo games

72 – Danny La Rue.
76 – Trombones.
77 – Two little crutches.
80 – Gandhi’s Breakfast.
83 – Stop Farting!
84 – Seven dozen!
85 – Staying alive.
86 – Between the sticks!
87 – Torquay in Devon.
88 – Two Fat Ladies.
89 – Nearly there.
90 – Top of the shop.

If you do wish to sample the delights of playing at any of the many different types of bingo games online or on your mobile device then all of the bingo sites listed through this website are going to give you access to some very generous in fact overly generous new player sign up bonuses. Simply have a look around our website as you will also find a set of informative and very in-depth bingo site reviews which will highlight just what each site has to offer you!

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