Bingo Books: How To Host A Bingo Event

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If you fancy playing bingo at home with your friends and family then there are a few thing that you will need to get together to be able to do just that! Bingo can be quite a fun way of passing some time and there are many companies out there who sell everything that you will need to be able to have an enjoyable bingo playing session at home.

Maybe you are hosting a bingo event at your social club or hall and are looking to get everything in place in regards to how to make that even successful, if so then below we will give you a step by step guide listing everything you will need to have to make that event run smoothly!

Bingo Game Type – The first thing you will need is to decide just what type of bingo games you wish to host, there are three main type of bingo games. The first is 75 ball bingo and if you decide to play this game out will discover that due to each bingo card being presented in a five column by 5 row grid like formation you will be able to decide on one of several different winning patterns that the players will be playing or, and as such they are very fun filled and exciting bingo games to play.

The other types of bingo games you can play are 80 ball bingo which is played on a four row by four column grid, these games tend to be very quick playing games and as such may not be suited to you and your event if you wish to play at a more sedate pace or only have a few prizes to give away.

The other bingo games which is hugely popular is 90 ball bingo these games are played on bingo card and bingo tickets which are divided up into three rows of numbers with nine numbers being printed one each ticket. There are three prizes players will be playing for on these types of bingo games those being first and foremost a one line prize, then a two line prize and then a full house prize.

Bingo Books and Tickets – You will of course need to get a supply of bingo card and bingo tickets to host your event, be aware that you can buy books of bingo cards and tickets from many different places, and once you have chosen the type of bingo game you wish to play you will then have to decide on the price you will charge of each ticket or book of bingo tickets.

Make sure you charge an affordable price for those tickets as by doing so you will find people tend to buy as many tickets as they can play off and by making them affordable you will attract plenty of bingo players to your event.

Bingo Machine – Once you have chosen the bingo game you wish to play and have purchased a supply of bingo card and bingo tickets for that game then the next very important thing you will need to acquire is of course a bingo machine, which will be used to draw out the numbers for each bingo game you choose to play!

There are two main type of bingo machines one is a new type of digital bingo machine on which random numbers are drawn out and displayed on an LED display panel, or you could choose to use the older type of bingo machine on which balls are loaded into it and one number at a time is then drawn out of that machine.

Just make sure that you have every single ball need for the bingo game type you are playing and if for example you are holding 75 ball bingo games do not load into the bingo machine the balls number higher than number 75 as they will not be needed in that type of bingo game obviously!

Bingo Prizes – Another thing to keep in mind when holding a bingo event or bingo session is that you ill are to decide what to give away by way of prizes on each bingo game you play. If you are holding charity bingo event than you will often find many companies in your locality will be only too happy to donate a prize for your event.

However, many bingo events are held on which cash prizes can be won and as such you will have to determine what percentage of the ticket price is going to be given away as a cash prize, always make sure you allocate a percentage as winning prizes in regards to the stake money that will allow you to cover all costs and have enough left over to give to your charitable cause!

Bingo Caller – One final thing you will need to do when hosting a bingo event is to find someone to call out the numbers on each game played! You will be best off getting someone who has a bubbly personality to do this task as they will be able to keep the players amused and entertained as they are playing bingo.

Also be aware that many bingo players love to hear the bingo ball nick names being called out and a such make sure whoever you do decide is going to be the bingo caller has a printed off copy of all of the bingo ball nick names, as this will add another level of fun and entertainment to your bingo event.

Have a look around our website if you would like additional information on any of the many different types and varieties of bingo game you will be able to have in play at any bingo vent you may be holding as we have plenty of bingo game reviews and articles which will enlighten you on just how each bingo game is structured and is may give you plenty of additional ideas in regards to making your bingo even go with a bang!

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