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Online BingoThe aim of us building and compiling this large and very informative bingo information website is of course to present to you as many articles and bingo playing guides as we can to enable you to be able to locate and play the best bingo games online that appeal to you personally.

We are aware that not every single online bingo player is going to have large amounts of cash to play bingo online and as such below you will find information on the best free bingo games which you will have access to if you choose to play at any of our featured bingo sites.

We have chosen to present this information in a questions and answers type of format to enable you to find out just what the differences are between each type of free to play bingo games and having a good read through of this free bingo playing guide, you will be in a much more informed position in regards to which bingo games are going o be suitable to you, even if you do not have lots of cash available to play bingo today!

Once you have read through this guide please do checkout our review of each of our top rated UK online bingo sites, for every single one of them are currently offering all manner of different sign up bonuses and by taking advantage of those offers you will get lots of free bingo playing credits and free bingo cards and tickets!

  1. How do I play BOGOF Bingo?

    You will find BOGOF bingo games are offered at online bingo sites such as the Sun Bingo site and when playing these game you are given one free bingo card or ticket for each one you choose to purchase, and that means these BOGOF bingo games instantly double your chance of winning on each game you play thanks to those bonus cards and tickets you will be given!

  2. Which jackpot bingo games are free?

    There will be a bingo schedule in place at all of our listed and top rated UK Online bingo sites and when you are playing at those sites you are therefore easily able to find out just which bingo games are free and which of those free games come with a large jackpot on offer. So make sure that you look through each bingo schedule and put together a bingo playing diary for yourself and get involved in as many of those free bingo jackpot games as you can for you will never know when you will win one of them!

  3. Which free bingo site has the most bingo patterns?

    If you want to play bingo games that offer a wide and varied range of different winning patterns then you need to get yourself over to the South Beach Bingo site for that site has a range of 75 bingo games and each game played will be using one of over 300 different winning bingo patterns so you will certainly have the biggest suite of bingo games offer you all manner of weird and wonderful bingo patterns to play for!

  4. Can I pre buy free bingo cards and bingo tickets?

    You will not be able to be online every hour of the day, and that is often something you need to do if you want to play all of the higher paying jackpot games each bingo site has on offer! However, when playing at any of our approved and licensed UK online bingo sites you are going to be able to log in at any time of your own choosing and pre buy a set of tickets for any bingo game you wish to take part in, and by pre buying your tickets you do not need to be online when those game are in play as the bingo sites software will look after your cards and check them off for you and even call bingo for you automatically if any of your pre bought bingo cards are winning ones!

  5. How much can I win playing free bingo?

    There are some mega jackpots set aside for players at some of our listed bingo sites, and as such if you want the chance of winning a life changing jackpot win then it may just pay dividends for you to checkout bingo sites such as Costa Bingo, so we do know they have a huge paying free bingo games on offer once a week on which you could find yourself winning a jackpot payout worth a whopping £10000, visit their website for more details and make sure you take part in that no risk and completely free bingo game!

  6. Do free bingo winnings come with play through requirements?

    If you are attracted to playing free bingo games online then be aware it is going to be dependent on just which bingo site you choose to play at in regards to how any winnings that you achieve are going to be awarded and given to you.

    Some online bingo sites will let you do whatever you want with your free bingo game winnings and will award them to you as cash credits in your bingo site account. But be aware some bingo sites award free bingo payouts as bonus credits and as such when you are awarded a winning payout as bonus funds you will have to play through those bonus funds before they get turned into cash credits and then can be withdrawn.

  7. How do no deposit free bingo bonuses get credited?

    If you find and locate an online bingo site that offers you one or more free no deposit bonuses then those bonus credits will either be instantly available to you when you log into your account or you may have to claim them. The way you claim them will often be by you entering a special code into the bonus claiming section of the banking interface of you may have to ask the bingo sites customer support team to credit the free bonus funds for you.

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