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You may have got used to being given access to bonuses when you play at an online or mobile bingo site, however there is another way that you are going to be able to make use of some additional ways that you can earn yourself extra playing credits when playing at our featured real money bingo sites, and this is through the bingo loyalty clubs that each site has available.

You may already have a wallet or purse full of loyalty cards from retail outlets and supermarkets that you usually shop in, and an online bingo or mobile bingo sites loyalty scheme will work in a much similar way to those loyalty clubs, however you will not be given a loyalty card, instead you will have direct online access to the loyalty point you have earned when buying real money bingo cards and bingo tickets at the sites you are playing at.

Each time you purchase any number of cards at our listed and approved bingo sites you will, once you have spent a certain amount of money, be given one or more loyalty club points, those points will keep on accumulating in your loyalty club account and you will then be given the option of redeeming them as soon as you have amassed enough of them for free bingo playing credits at that site.

Below you will find several different aspects regarding bingo site loyalty programs, and we invite you to read through the overviews of each of them for by ensuring that the bingo site you have chosen to play at offers you all of the following then you will be guaranteed of having access to the best bingo loyalty club available!

Bingo Loyalty Points Awarded – There can be a lot of difference in regards to how many bingo cards and tickets you have to purchase and how much you have to spend buying them in regards to just how many bingo loyalty point you will be awarded with when playing bingo online or at a mobile bingo site in a real money playing environment.

You are therefore going best advised to check the website of any bingo set you are thinking of joining up to and then look through the loyalty point section of that website to discover just how many points are awarded for every one Pound you spend playing real money bingo games online or on your mobile. You are ideally obviously looking for a site that will give you the highest number of bingo loyalty points as by doing so if coupled with the following aspect you will be getting a lot of playing value from your bingo playing bankroll!

Redemption Rates – The number of bingo loyalty point that you will have to use to redeem them for playing credits is another important factor in regards to selecting a site at which to play at, if you find a bingo site offering you lots of bingo loyalty points per wager placed and you can redeem just a small number of those points for playing credits then you are always going to be getting the maximum playing value playing at those overly generous bingo sites!

Cash or Bonus Credits – One other thing to keep in mind is that some bingo sites whether online or mobile bingo sites, will place your redeemed bingo playing credits into your bingo account in one of two ways.

You will find that once you redeem your bingo loyalty points for bingo playing credits at some sites those credits will be awarded as real money credits which you can do whatever you wish with, however some bingo sites will add those redeemed loyalty points credits as bonus funds, and if so you will then find those credits are subject to something known as a play through requirement, keep on reading for we will enlighten you on what a play through requirement is and how it can affect the value of your redeemed bingo loyalty point credits.

Play Through Requirements – If you have redeemed any number of loyalty points for playing credits you will find that when those credits have been added to your account as a bonus then there will be a set of play through requirements attached to those credits.

This simply means that before you can cash those credits out and make a withdrawal from your bingo site account you first have to play through those credits a certain amount of times, and this is how a play through requirements works. So for example if you have redeemed for example £10 worth of bingo loyalty points for playing credits and the bingo site has a 30 times your bonus amount play through requirement in place, then you will have to buy £300 worth of bingo tickets and cards with those credits before anything in your bingo site account can be withdrawn.

There will be a lot of difference in regards to the amount of play through that you are going to have to make before you can cash out those bonus credits depending on which bingo sites you are playing at, and as such always read through the loyalty point pages on the website at the bingo site you are thinking of playing at and also the bonus play terms and conditions at those sites to allow you to find out what the play through requirement is. For some online bingo sites may only require you to play though your bonus funds a tiny number of time before you can then go on to withdraw any funds in bingo site account.

Double or Triple Point Promotions – You an often get some additional playing value when playing at some online and mobile bingo sites at various times of the weeks, for some sites run promotional offers on which you will be earning double or even triple the number of loyalty points as you would usually do if you choose to play during those special time of the day or night.

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