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ukashThere are lots of different ways that you can send money and transfer it into an online bingo site and whilst it is the case that some of those options can come with additional fees or charges there are some methods which are cost and charge free and as such when you make a deposit into a bingo site you are not going to be forced to play anything on top of the deposited amount to send those funds into your chosen UK bingo site.

One of these options for depositing into an online bingo site is Ukash and this is a special and fairly unique type of pre paid voucher option that many of our listed and reviewed online bingo sites are going to allow you to use to make deposits into their respective bingo sites.

If you do not have a web wallet or a bank account or a credit card and you want to join in the fun and games and winning opportunities that online bingo offers then you can still do so by using Ukash to fund your online bingo site accounts.

As you may be blissfully unaware what Ukash is and how it operates, below we have put together a lot of different questions and their respective answers in regards to using Ukash as your preferred online bingo site deposit option, so do keep on reading for you do not have to miss out on playing bingo online due to you not having a bank account, web wallet, paypal account or debit or credit card!

  1. How does Ukash work?

    The way in which Ukash has been designed makes it an ideal solution for anyone wishing to play real money bingo game online if they do not have or wish to use a credit or debit card or a web wallet as the way they fund their online bingo site accounts. You simply need to visit a local store that sells these vouchers and hand over you cash and you then are given a voucher to that face value which has a 19 digit code printed on it.

    You then enter the code and the amount into your chosen online bingo sites banking interface and the funds will then be processed and added into your bingo account.

  2. Where can I buy Ukash vouchers?

    You will be able to buy Ukash vouchers at any local store that is displaying a Pay Zone or a Pay Point sign outside the store or in the window of the store. They are readily and instantly available and once you have over your cash to buy them you will be given your voucher in a minute or so one the machine has printed it off! Be aware thought that you have to pay cash for Ukash vouchers.

  3. How old do I have to be to buy Ukash vouchers?

    You will have to be over the age of 18 to be able to buy yourself an Ukash voucher that can be used at an online bingo site, if you appear to be under the age of 18 then you may be requested to show the shop assistant some form of identification that proves you are over the age of 18. Be aware there are some Ukash vouchers that can be purchased by under 18’s but those vouchers cannot be used to make a deposit into any bingo site or any type of gambling site account s do make sure you request a voucher for over 18’s!

  4. Is there are fees attached to buying Ukash?

    You should never be forced to pay any additional fees or charges over and above the face value of the Ukash voucher you are purchasing from any Pay Point or Pay Zone store. You will also find that you will never be charged any commission when you use those vouchers to fund your bingo sites, but always check as some stores may attempt to add on a small charge when you buy your Ukash vouchers from those stores and that is something you should never be prepared to do!

  5. Can I withdraw winnings by Ukash vouchers?

    You will find that Ukash can only be used to fund your online bingo site accounts. However, we are aware that some online bingo site shave been trialling a brand new way of paying their winners via Ukash vouchers or something similar and when you request a withdrawal from those bingo sites you will be given a special code that can be used to get access to your winnings in cash from certain ATM machines, so do look out for sites offering such a service as that withdrawal option may be convenient to you if you do now have a web wallet or you do not want to wait for a cheque to be sent to you when you have requested a winning payout from a bingo site!

  6. How fast are Ukash vouchers processed into my bingo account?

    You will not have to wait for any length of time for your deposits made using a Ukash voucher to appear in your bingo site account, as soon as you have entered the 19 digit code and the amount of your Ukash voucher once you click on the conform or deposit button then your deposit will be processed instantly and in real time and as such you deposit will appear in your bingo site account instantly once the Ukash voucher has been verified as being a valid one!

  7. Do all bingo sites accept Ukash?

    You will find that a very high proportion of online bingo sites that cater for UK based online bingo players will allow those players to fund their accounts using Ukash, the best way to tell if a site lets you make Ukash deposits is to visit the bingo sites website and click on their respective banking page as that is where you will find a complete overview of all of their deposit options and also full details of what withdrawal options they have on offer.

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