Session Bingo at Sky Bingo

Sky BingoSky Bingo are always an online bingo site that is prepared to listen to the wants and demands of their players, and having listened to many of their players who are asking for one hour bingo sessions that run throughout the day and night, this is what they have done, launched several online bingo sessions any of their customers can fit into their busy lifestyles!

They have made quite a few changes in regards to their Session Bingo Games, and as such you will now find them all available in their Community Room, and to ensure you can find a spare hour to play in at least one of these sessions they are running until 6pm at night!

Below are all of the Session Bingo Games that are playing in the Community Room at Sky Bingo, and as such please have a look through this schedule to find out which games are available, as we are more than confident several of them will appeal to you.

10am to 11am Bingo Session – This session is where you are going to play bingo with tickets costing just 3p each, which means if you are playing with a low amount of cash in your bingo account you will be getting the maximum playing value.

11am to 12pm Bingo Session – The ticket prices on the 11am or 12 pm Bingo Session have been reduced down in price from 5pm to just 3pm a ticket and as such if you do have some spare time at this hour you should be more than able to get stuck into playing at Sky Bingo!

12pm to 1pm Bingo Session – The Lunch time Bingo Session is when you will find the Happy Hour Bingo games all up and running, and there are some large cash prizes on offer!

1pm to 2pm Bingo Session – The ticket prices on the 1pm to 2pm Bingo Session have been dropped down to just 2p and that means this Bingo Session is a very cost effective on to take part in!

2pm to 3pm Bingo Session – The 2pm to 3pm session is another one on which you will find ticket prices of just 3pm!

3pm to 4pm Bingo Session – The 3pm to 4m Bingo Session is also a low cost bingo playing session and one on which each ticket you purchase will cost you just 3p.

5pm to 6pm Bingo Session – If you do have an hour spare between 5pm and 6pm make sure you log into the Sky Bingo Community Room as that is when you will find their buy one get one free Bingo Games up and running!

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