Best UK Bingo TV Commercials

Television AdvertisingYou cannot turn on your television in the UK these days without seeing at least one bingo site advert! It doesn’t really matter what channel you choose e to turn on and watch they all seem to have advertisements for a bingo site in fact you will often find many television shows themselves are actually sponsored by bingo sites!

Whilst many bingo site advertisements can get rather annoying once you have seen them and they continually appear before and after a television show you enjoy watching has begun or when the advert breaks are on, there have been, to be fair, some quite funny and amusing bingo site advertisements on UK television over the last few weeks and years that have stood out.

In this section of our UK bingo articles we have dedicated it to the best UK bingo commercials and as such have a read through it for we can guarantee that if you are a fan of watching telly you will have seen some of these advertisements or will at the very least be familiar with some of the bingo sites and celebrities who have been used in these commercials!

In fact it could actually be quite beneficial for you to consider playing bingo online for all of our listed and top rated UK online bingo sites are giving away all manner of special bonuses and promotional offers to all new players who sign up and start to play any of their many available bingo games!

Foxy Bingo

Foxy Bingo have television commercials running day and night in the UK, and you may have noticed that they also sponsor a lot of televisions shows on day time T.V. probably the best known show they have sponsored recently is the Jeremy Kyle show which is a show you either love or hate!

Titanbet Bingo

Titanbet currently stick to promoting their bingo site offering online and as such you will sadly not find any advertisements or commercials on television, however who know they may soon start to roll out television advertisements and if they do we will let you know!

Gala Bingo

Gala Bingo have just started a brand new series of television commercials for they are celebrating the launch of a brand new suite of bingo games, and have in fact just given the new player sign up bonus something of a boost in value so it may be worth your whilst checking their website out for details of that larger bonuses and details of their new online bingo games!

Costa Bingo

The Costa Bingo site have recently signed up Mel B from the Spice Girls as the face of their online and mobile bingo sites, and as such they have had a lot of television commercial running recently that show Mel B as a giant working her way around a city playing bingo, look out for the adverts as they are quite fun and contain details of some very large bonus offers!

Sun Bingo

The Sun Bingo site are another very popular site that have been running commercials on UK television channels for quite a number of years now, the only problem with those commercials is that they have an annoying song being sung in the background and as such they will eventually drive you mad when you keep on seeing and hearing them being played in between your favourite television shows!

Bucky Bingo

Currently Bucky Bingo do not have any new advertisments on TV with the last being in 2011! However, they are part of the same company that run the land based Buckingham Bingo sites and as such you will probably find that their online bingo site is heavily promoted in their land base bingo clubs and as such they probably do not need a lot of television coverage to promote their solid and well trusted brand name!

William Hill Bingo

You will find lots of William Hill Bingo site adverts played on televisions for this leading betting company do have a very large advertising budget, in fact one or two of their advertisements have been banned from UK television, however those you will not find being played come with amusing themes and are also letting players know of the very latest free bingo bonuses on offer at this much respected UK online bingo site.

Party Bingo Advert

We have seen a couple of advertisements on television recently for the Party Bingo site however those advertisements have tended to be on overnight television, so unless you are a night owl you may have missed seeing them! One thing that will be of interest to you about the Party Bingo site is that they have just been granted a full remote gambling license by the UK Gambling Commission and as such you will find you will be able to play here quite legally from anywhere in the UK and will be able to take advantage of their huge sign up bonus.

As Party Bingo have just been granted that UK gambling license we expect them to start heavily promoting their brand on television over the coming months so do look out for those commercials when they are to get shown on television, however if you want details on what they have to offer you today as a new player then do checkout our review of this leading and top rated UK license online bingo site!

South Beach Bingo

The South Beach Bingo site has not started to advertise on UK television yet, however they have quickly established themselves as a very generous bingo site in regard sot the size and volume of bingo bonus that they give away, and this has led to their sites being promoted by word of mouth! If you are looking for a bingo site at which to play at that is going o give you access to lots of valuable and generous bonuses then look no further that the South Beach Bingo site!

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